Tuesday, November 22, 2011

never stop learning.

do you remember waaayyy back in 2010, before our wedding, when i was studying and studying for an advanced certification for nutrition? we'll, since i changed careers (almost a year ago!), i've decided to learn more about my current field. i work in operations now, so i decided to take the first of several tests for APICS certification. (don't worry, i had never heard of it before either!)

so, after studying and studying (why do i do this to myself?) i finally took my test yesterday and found out immediately that i passed! it definitely wasn't as hard as my nutrition exam, but i am still very proud of myself especially because i didn't study this is college and am new to the business.

now that i have that crossed off my to-do list, i am so excited to finally ENJOY the holidays and relax!!!!


Ashley said...

Congratulations to you! It's so crazy how we limit ourselves and such a blessing to find that we could do it all along!

Justine said...

Congrats Miss Lace!! That is great!