Monday, November 7, 2011

the twentysomethings.

saturday night, i attended one of junior league's first fundraisers of the year - trivia challenge. this was the fourth annual trivia challenge, but my first. we had 3 rounds of trivia questions, where teams of four would compete to get the most answers right.

i had actually signed up to volunteer for the event (so i could attend by only paying $15 for a volunteer ticket, rather than $50 for a spectator ticket), but ended up winning a raffle prior to the event that let me play on a team. the cost of a team is $500 - so me and the three other girls who won a team in the raffle were so excited to play!

there were 44 teams competing; each team has a team name and theme... we decided to be the twentysomethings and we dressed up like flappers! it was seriously so much fun.

fellow provisionals: elli, merryl, april and me

i definitely had slumdog millionaire-type flashbacks with the questions...

"what is the capital of barbados?" ... hello, i was just there in june. and NOBODY else knew this answer!
and "the atomic symbol Kr stands for which element?" ... i absolutely loved chemistry in high school and was kind of a dork
and "what is the anatomic name of the lower jawbone in vertebrates" ...i had to study this type of stuff in college for my nutrition degree.

oh, by the way, answers were bridgetown, krypton and mandible.

my teammates knew some pretty random trivia too, but despite that we only got 9 out of 20 questions right in the first round, so we were out! :( i definitely want to try again next year... and i think we might set up a trivial pursuit game night once a month to practice - haha.

we wish our score would have been 19 out of 20... maybe next year!


Samantha said...

YAY Lacey! Glad you're having fun with gals in your provisional class! That's awesome that you knew all the answers! And totally love your costume! xo

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

How fun! love the outfits!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That seems like it was a lot of fun!!