Wednesday, December 21, 2011

adventures in the caribbean!

usually, when i go on vacation, especially to a tropical locale, i am fully content with just laying on the beach, reading, and drinking fruity, rum filled drinks. but, on our cruise this year we were totally adventurous! we went ziplining in jamaica, snorkeling in grand cayman and rock climbing and golfing on the ship.

ziplining in jamaica was so much fun! i've been before in costa rica - which was amazing - and this time was even better! the views were spectacular.
snorkeling is always fun. my little brother had one of those gopro cameras, which can take videos and HD pictures underwater, and we were pretty much obsessed with that thing, more so than the fish. :)
last but not least, our last day at sea was a little windy and overcast. too chilly to lay out in my opinion. so, we opted for a little family golf game and rock climbing. seriously, i didn't think my little scrawny arms could hold on long enough for me to make it to the top. i started before nicholas and he passed me up. so did the 7 year old to my left. dang it. but, i made it to the top and rang the bell - shaky arms and all!
dad on the left and my older brother, allen on the right.
my younger brother austin on the left, and i'm getting ready to go on the right!
yep, that's when nick just flies right by me!
i finally made it!

woohoo! it was a good thing we were as adventurous as we were, because if you've ever been on a cruise, you know there is an abundance of food and we ate non-stop! ps. don't i look 12 in a helmet?!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I am sooo glad you posted about ziplining in Jamaica! We can't decide if we should do it or not while we are there!