Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas treats.

one thing i love about christmas is all the delicious treats! it's a great time to cook for family and friends and co-workers. this year, i made monkey bread, which nick ate every christmas morning growing up, and almond bark. it was my first time to make the almond bark, but a co-worker made it a couple years ago and i just had to have the recipe - it is THAT good.

the monkey bread is delicious, but especially fun to make if you have kids to help. the cinnamon/sugar mixture can be divided into several tupperwares (or paper bags) and each kid can shake their own pieces of biscuit to add to the bundt pan.

the almond bark is perfect to make for a party or to pass out at work in goodie bags. it is super easy to make and it sooo good! this could also be modified for different holidays with a little food coloring, or sprinkles. bon appetite! and thank goodness for new year's resolutions. :)

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