Thursday, December 8, 2011

what happens when you play eggnog flip-cup?

you get an eggnog mustache! 

i would NOT recommend this. however, we had a "reindeer run" at work today and this was the last challenge.

basically we had a 8 person relay run, using a 16 pound frozen turkey as our baton! before you could pass off the baton, you had to complete a challenge!

Runner 2 had a draw a Christmas pictionary for Runner 1 to guess. (for example, "grandma got run over by a reindeer" or "silent night") so in order to pass off your baton aka 16 pound turkey, you had to guess the right answer.

Runner 3 had to eat (and swallow!) 2 christmas sugar cookies and a cup of hot cocoa.

Runner 4 had to answer a Christmas trivia question before they could move on. I was Runner 4 - my question was "what are the names all of Santa's reindeer*?' i answered correctly in RECORD speed. seriously. but, i did NOT look pretty running around our building carrying a giant ass turkey. OH - and if you drop the turkey, your whole team is automatically disqualified. i just gave it a bear hug and ran like my job life depended on it!

Runner 5 had to throw a pie in an elf's face.

Runner 6 had to make a elf's hat out of materials supplied.

Runner 7 had to eat two saltines, and then whistle. (this is the one that killed our team)

Runner 8 had to do a Christmas spelling bee. (Ebenizer, ebonezor, ebuneezur... )

and then, for the finale... an eggnog flip cup game with your whole team present.

i kept thinking of this image from pinterest when i was running with the turkey...

i was running, probably looking just like that little girl, so i didn't get any pictures of the stations - bummer. thankfully nick snapped the ones above at the end. i LOVE the holiday season!!

oh, PS - once we were done with the reindeer run, we donated the frozen turkeys to the local food bank. :)

*blitzen, comet, cupid, donner, dancer, prancer, vixen, dasher, rudolph!


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

What a fun place to work!

Ashley said...

This is the funniest and greatest work event I've ever heard of. Any open positions? ;)