Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my own happy hour.


nick is on his way back from arizona as i type. he flew there this morning, gave a presentation, and now is en route home. (yeah, he's kind of a big deal.) so, in the mean time, i have some good ol' alone time after work and before he gets home. and let me tell you, i could not be more relaxed. sitting on our patio, drinking a glass of wine an catching up on all of your blogs. my very own happy hour. in my pjs.

thanks for all the app recommendations for my iphone. but after i installed angry birds, i haven't gotten around to the rest. that game is so freakin' addicting.

oh, random, but happy news! i WON the march madness tournament bracket at work! can you believe that? i never watch sports (unless my dear husband is watching sports.) but, i didn't want to be left out of the conversations. so, i paid my $10 and entered. the tournament isn't even over yet, but everyone else's teams were eliminated and i picked 1 of the final four so i win! march has been a lucky month for me! maybe, i should buy a lottery ticket. or, go to vegas?!

really early birthday present!

my birthday is coming up in about a week, but this weekend i received an early birthday present from my AWESOME parents... an i phone!

i'm not sure how i survived this long without one.

well, let's just say nick will finally get his phone back to himself (lucky guy gets an iphone through work).

i also ordered this darling, colorful case from modcloth and can't wait for it to come in.

so, for all of you that have an iphone:

what apps should i install?

ps. thank you, mom and dad! love you lots.

Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend fun + lattes + new hair color.

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! i had a happy hour with co-workers on friday, wine tasting with nick's boss and his wife on saturday and SUNSHINE on sunday. i also (finally) got my hair cut and colored since moving to california. it's a little bit darker than normal, but it's just toner - so it lighten up as i wash it. i was nervous about finding a new stylist (since i'd had some bad luck with haircuts in the past), but the girl who did my hair was great!

since the weather on sunday was so perfect, we decided to walk off our day-after wine headaches and headed to the purple onion for a croissant with jam and a couple of lattes. i had forgotten what it was like to need to wear sunglasses... it made me really giddy for spring and summer coming up! i'm looking forward to warmer weather and bare legs and days by the pool.

Friday, March 25, 2011

since sunny california isn't so sunny...

these are my must have spring accessories.
i'm loving the neon hunter rainboots and this bubble umbrella from macy's

but seriuosly, when is the rain going to stop?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

where i've been lately...


in the month leading up to our wedding, i was pretty good about exercising regularly. i mean, i didn't go crazy and stop eating certain foods or try to lose weight, etc just to fit in my dress... i just tried to be healthy and look decent in my bathing suit for our honeymoon.  after the wedding, we moved to california and things were busy... and i didn't ever exercise. then, we went hiking and a granny passed me while i was huffing and puffing up a trail. since then, i decided that my metabolism was only going to slow down the older i got and i better get into a good routine of exercising.

SO, we joined a gym.

an awesomely cool fancy gym with a steam room. and i LOVE it. i enjoying going to the group classes... yoga, body conditioning spinning, etc... but my favorite part is sitting in the steam room after a good workout and just chillin'. it is so relaxing and makes me feel so refreshed!

so that's where i've been when i'm not blogging! ;) chillin' in the steam room...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st. patrick's day.

photos via weheartit
guess what?!
i had the luck of the irish with me today...

i won a raffle at work for a free vacation day.
which i was thrilled to win because i actually need it!
i love my job and all the people i work with,
but since i've only been working for about 3 months,
i don't have very much vacation accrued yet.

i plan to use it very wisely. :)
the caribbean this summer, perhaps?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wine road barrel tasting

nicholas and i recently attended the 2011 wine road barrel tasting in sonoma county. we got to taste wine futures straight out of the barrel that won't be ready to sell for 12-18 months. it was so much fun! we first stopped at bella winery, where we did the tasting in a cave underneath the vineyard. after that we made our way to dutcher crossing, matrix and armida - all lovely places with great views and delicious wine. we're looking forward to making the trip to sonoma county more often.
see the cave entrance below the vineyard...
barrels aging in the cave



ahh, heaven...

Monday, March 14, 2011

hello sunshine!

as hard as it was to lose an hour of sleep over the weekend, i absolutely LOVE when we spring forward. one) its closer to my birthday (in april) and two) it's light outside when i leave work! i feel like i can accomplish so much more in the day. its usually dark when i get up anyway, so that's nothing new. but, seeing the sunset on the way home from the gym this evening was magical!

hope everyone has a great week!

picture via weheartit

Monday, March 7, 2011

something stupid like i love you.

since i've been such a crummy blogger lately,
i'd thought i would try to make up for it by posting something really special...
our wedding montage!

i loved every detail about that day and i can't wait to watch this
video (at least!) yearly on our anniversaries.
ps. please ignore my silly faces while i was posing at the beginning!

videography by austin walton

Saturday, March 5, 2011

six months as mrs. mead


i love being newlywed to the love of my life. i love that we had the wedding of our dreams. i love that after we got married, we got maui'd. i love that i know even though i am far from my family, nicholas will always be by my side. i love that we can call ourselves "the meads." i love our new saturday routines. i love carpooling to work in the morning and talking about our day on the way home. i love that he automatically asks the server for extra ketchup whenever i order french fries. i love that he does the dishes if i cook. and doesn't get mad if my hair and make-up are all over the bathroom counter. and i love that he tells me i'm beautiful, even when i'm not feeling so. i love that i call him booger and he calls me butt. i love that i still feel butterflies when he tells me he loves me to the moon and back. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

dear lovely readers,

I'm having an insanely busy week in LA, doing Glee and other madness. See you next week.


... Just kidding. i just copied what gywneth paltrow wrote on her weekly newsletter, GOOP, this week. (which i love reading. lots of great articles with recipes and things to do and see and places to go.)

how cool would that be though? you're too busy to blog because you're starring in the next episode of glee?!  ... maybe one day. :)