Sunday, August 28, 2011

home sweet home.

after lots of boxes, packing, moving and unpacking we are finally getting settled into our new house. and let me tell you, we are absolutely loving it so far!

we have most of everything unpacked, but we are working on a few projects. (like painting our entertainment center). and, we are having so much fun exploring our new neighborhood. we miss los gatos - that town was amazing - but we're only 10-15 minutes away and we have SO MUCH more space! and a yard! and it's updated! etc. :) and, we're 15 minutes away from work. and most importantly, 3 minutes away from target! hehe.

here are some pictures of the house right when we got the keys, before our stuff took over!
our cute little white fence to our driveway.
oh, and that's a grapevine on the arbor and there are little bunches of grapes
hanging out. maybe we should start making our our wine!!

living room
living room + hallway to the bedrooms
dining room
(and currently our catch-all room... we have a lot of work to do in here!)
ahhh... the bathroom. probably my favorite room in the house.
i know that's kind of weird, but it's just so luxurious...
bedroom with french doors to the patio
backyard with gorgeous landscaping
garage on the right and covered patio outside the bedroom

so that's it! i can't wait to have people over and take advantage of the awesome outdoor space. the yard is perfect for bocce ball and grilling. once we get everything upacked and in it's place, i'll snap a few more photos of the interior!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

cj & janelle's wedding.

nick's older brother, cj, and his now wife moved to portland from omaha about a decade ago and have been together since. it was such a joy to see them wed and be a part of their special day. it was a beautiful ceremony, written by the couple. and nick & cj's sister melissa was the officiant. isn't that cute? amazingly, she held it together pretty well and didn't break down in tears! cj's band played at the ceremony and we danced the night away.

and, i don't think i took any pictures after the speeches, but did manage the drink all the riesling the bar had!

sounds like a good time, huh?

here are some more pictures from the weekend!

{groom's mom & bride's mom}

{nick & his siblings}

i'm so happy to have another "mead" girl in the family. :) 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lacey, the florist.

thank you for all of your sweet comments about our new house! 
we are so excited and I will definitely share pictures once we're settled in.

last weekend, nicholas and i drove up to portland for my brother-in-law's (cj) wedding. when i first met janelle (cj's new wife) in seattle, we went to the pike place farmer's market and i was in love with all the flowers. i told janelle that having a little flower shop would be a dream job for me. well, three years later, janelle remembered that and asked if i would help out with the flowers for her wedding! i was sooo honored that she asked me to help on her big day.

the day of the wedding, me and a few of janelle's portland friends, went up to the site and put together boutonnieres, bouquets & centerpieces.

i actually have no experience in floral arrangements other than the sweet bouquets i get from my dad and my hubby. so, honestly, i was pleasantly surprised how gorgeous everything turned out. especially the boutonnieres!
{bridesmaid's bouquet}


{janelle's bouquet before the ribbon was put on}


{gorgeous outdoor setting w/ centerpieces}

{me and my main man wearing his yellow boutonniere!}

Sunday, August 14, 2011

guess what....?!

we just got back in town from the wedding, and it was AMAZING. and deserves it's own post... but i just had to share some amazing news.

nicholas and i have been looking for a new home for the last month or so... with lots of viewings, but never found anything we loved. lots of places were missing the washer/dryer... or they had the washer/dryer, but no garage or storage. or, no place for our dining table... or something.

well last saturday, we found a listing for a darling 3 bedroom house in san jose. it was updated and had a garage and washer/dryer and central air conditioning/heat and a dining room and it's so cute! (yes, all of those things seem given when you're from texas... but that's not always the case here!) they were having an open house from 1-4pm... and when nicholas and i arrived at 2pm, there were already 6 strong applications in... per the property manger. not good.

we fell in love with it! we submitted our application, complete with a personal bio, and said a prayer.

as we were driving up to portland on wednesday, we got the call...

we'll be moving next saturday!
the house is ours!!!! :)

here are a couple of pictures from the listing of one of the bedrooms and the back arbor:

needless to say, nicholas and I are going to have a busy week of packing! 
ahhhh, i am so thrilled we'll be in our new home just before our first anniversary.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oregon bound.

bright and early tomorrow morning, nick and i are road trippin' up to portland for my brother-in-law's wedding. i am pumped to see another mead boy get married. nick was the first, and now it's CJ's turn. (2 down, 2 to go!) nick is going to be a groomsman (cj was his best man) and i am going to help with the flowers! the wedding and reception location looks so pretty and relaxed and rustic. the groom's band is even going to grace the party with a few songs.

we have a bit more packing, then an 11 hour drive ahead of us. it was such a scenic drive when we went up last winter for christmas (see those pictures HERE); i bet it's going to be just as pretty in summer.

i picked up the discovery of witches audiobook to listen to along the way. has anyone read it yet? it was a random pick, but it's described as "a mix of history and magic, mythology and love" and a vampire is one of the main characters. so it HAS TO be good, right?!

not sure how thrilled nick will be when he figures out the plot... but he's a sweetheart and will listen to it anyway! :) now, we just have to decide the most important part... what snacks should we bring on our road trip?!

hasta la vista!