Tuesday, September 27, 2011

psycho donuts.

last friday at work, my coworkers were being their tricky selves and convinced the new guy that within your first month, it's a "tradition" to bring breakfast for the rest of the team. either he believed them (and, he has a lot to learn!) or he was just being a great sport, because when we showed up to work on monday we had a dozen doughnuts from pyscho donuts waiting for us.

that beauty is called the canadian morning meal squeal - a fluffy buttermilk bar, bathed in maple icing, and decorated in chocolate, with a generous smattering of crispy bacon.

i'll give you a moment to wipe the drool off your chin!

now, which one would you choose from their menu?

all images from pyschodonuts.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

life lately.

since it's been awhile since i've blogged regularly, i thought i'd keep everyone up-to-date with a few instagram photos from frankie.

(frankie is my phone's name. yes, my silly friends and i name inanimate objects. my car is rosie. my camera is cammie. nick's car is vickie. nick's phone is buddy. etc...)

anyway, here's life lately according to frankie:

1. biggest flower ever in palo alto. seriously, it was as big as my head!

2. i joined the junior league of san jose! it's a volunteer group for women and a great opportunity for me to meet some new people and do good in the community. i've loved it so far.

3. chavelas at tlaquepaque, my favorite mexican restaurant in the area. i had never heard of a chavela before, but they are dangerously tasty. the super chavelas are a modelo (mexican beer) with lime juice and a salted rim, with a shot of tequila in it. sounds crazy... i know. but soooooo good! (the regular chavelas don't have a shot in it.)

4. oh hey - self portrait just for the hell of it. guess i was feeling cute that day. like my necklace?

5. over labor day weekend, nicholas and i went up to a winery that had live music and we had a little picnic.

6. my baby's good to me... friday afterwork we sat outside on our patio, listened to michael buble (my fav!) and drank wine. he even cut fresh flowers from our yard. so relaxing.

7. i've mentioned it before, but my eyes are SUPER sensitive to onions. every time i chop one, my eyes sting so bad and i bawl like a baby. i even cried a few days ago chopping up scallions! ridiculous. i finally remembered to look for the frozen chopped onions at the grocery store today. lifesavers!

8. saturday i met a group of girls from junior league at the beach in capitola, a little beach community near santa cruz. capitola is so stinkin' cute and i can't wait to take nicholas there. although it was overcast, it was still gorgeous there and we had a great time playing beach volleyball and chatting.

9. yummy thai food and belgian beer at this tiny thai restaurant in our new neighborhood. crispy pad thai was to die for!

10. my husband/male model.

11. sweets at icing on the cake... the bakery where we got our anniversary cake.

12. our new church! we went for the first time today and loved it. it is at santa clara university and sooo pretty.

living room inspiration.

every time i have moved (which has been about once a year for the last 6 years!), i always want to buy all new things and completely redecorate.

especially now that we are in a house that i love, i just want it all to be picture perfect. right now, our living room is beige and brown and boring. it needs a breath of fresh air!

so, i've put together a little inspiration board for our living room.

and, i have to admit... i think i am a little homesick. although california is amazing, i had to bring a little texas back into my life.

so here's what i'm thinking for our living room. a little bit texas, and a little bit california cottage.

nicholas isn't sold on the cowhide, but i love it!

Friday, September 16, 2011

webcam 101.

i may be a little late, but i just found this little gem of a youtube video. they're kind of like my parents, but much older and gray.

happy friday everyone!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

girls weekend - with a twist!

last weekend, i met the girls in dallas and we flew out to georgia to visit allison. it has been way too long since we last spent time together. with me in california, the laurens in fort worth, justine in dallas and allison in georgia, we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like.

allison, lauren (lolo), lauren (LJ), justine and me all met in college in our sorority. allison was one of the first girls i met and she was even my "big sister."
 circa 2007, when my hair was blonde :)
spring break, 2007 - belize

i was in allison's wedding

and she was in mine!

but, unlike college, our girls weekend this year was little bit different.
we had a new addition to the group... allison and her hubbie matt just welcomed a beautiful baby boy, james edward, into their lives.

we still talked about the men in our lives and drank a little too much wine and snacked on chick-fil-a and played board games and laughed until our abs were sore... but we also talked about marriage and babies and breastmilk and diaper changes. and this little guy just melted our hearts...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

one year celebration.

the meads had such a special weekend celebrating our first anniversary.

we spent the weekend with a mix of pampering ourselves,
enjoying the long weekend with each other and
reminiscing on some of our favorite memories and adventures
from our first year of marriage.

saturday night, we got all dolled up
and nicholas treated me to such a delicious meal
at nick's on main in downtown los gatos.

the restaurant is michelin rated and super intimate -
it only held about 30 guests.

we started out with wine (of course)
and for our appetizer, we ordered "trust the chef"... meaning just that.
we had no idea what we were going to get.
we were served duck confit and my oh my, it was SO GOOD.
i didn't even know i liked duck.

we would have probably never ordered this,
but i'm so glad we tried it.
top that off with our entrees of basil pesto chilean sea bass
and braised short ribs with crispy brussels spouts
and wine
and cake!
seriously one of the best meals we've ever had.

we sipped champagne and exchanged gifts and had more cake when we got home!

the rest of the weekend was just an memorable.
since moving to california, nicholas and i have loved going for hikes.
we will forever think of our hikes together
as we reminisce on our first year of marriage.

fittingly, we decided to grab hazelnut lattes (our favorite)
and go for a long hike on sunday morning.

after our hike, we made our way over to brunch in downtown los gatos.
eggs benedict + hashbrowns + mimosas = a happy wife
& (therefore) a happy husband :)

we also listened to live music at a winery and went shopping!
not a bad weekend if you ask me...

it is so easy to have fun and enjoy life when i have nicholas by my side. 
he is such an amazing husband/lover/friend. 
i really can't wait to see what us our life together has in store for us in year #2.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

anniversary cake.

you know that tradition where you save the top tier of your wedding cake to enjoy on your first anniversary?

(yep, the one where you eat cake that's been sitting in your freezer for a year.)

well, we decided to forgo that tradition.

it didn't help that we knew we'd be moving across the country and it would be challenging to move the cake with us.

so, for our anniversary, nicholas and i had a cake made for us at icing on the cake bakery.

it was really, really good.

we used the butterflies from our wedding cake on our anniversary cake, but decided to mix up the flavor. our actual wedding cake was almond cake, pineapple cake and strawberry cake (each tier was a different flavor) with buttercream icing. for our anniversary cake, we went with buttermilk chocolate cake with chocolate filling and cream cheese frosting. delicious!

we still had the butterflies as momentos from our wedding, but moist, fresh, melt-in-your-mouth cake, too. we enjoyed our cake at dinner on saturday, and then on sunday, and then on monday..... :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

merrily married for one year!

today we have been married for one year.
one adventurous, joyous, exciting, love-filled, lively year.
happy anniversary to us.
i love you, npm!
i thank god everyday that you are in my life.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

i love september.

right now, one year ago, it was our wedding weekend. after months of planning, we were getting ready to walk down the aisle and say i do. we were waiting for our families to get in town to celebrate. and we were most definitely excited about our wedding! it is so amazing/crazy that we have been married for a year. we've experienced so much and it has gone by so quickly. our first anniversary is on monday, labor day. and, lucky for us, we'll get a long holiday weekend every year for our anniversary! :)

tonight we are...

taking it easy.

enjoying some sangria (me) and beer (him).

watching TCU football. go frawgs!!

holding hands.

still madly in love.

and, looking forward to our celebrations this weekend.