Monday, January 9, 2012


i've been really good about my 2012 goals so far. (just forget that it's only the second week in january!) after work last thursday, nicholas and i ordered thai food to-go from a local restaurant and used our wedding china when we got home. it is so pretty and made me want to use it even more! i think we are going to try to use our wedding china every month on the 5th (the day of the month we got married!) so, no matter if i pick up thai food or i make a nice homemade dinner or omelets on a saturday morning, we'll use the china. we didn't get all the china we registered for for our wedding, but my mother-in-law has been so thoughtful in helping us complete our set by getting us a few pieces each christmas! we're only 1 salad plate and 4 cups and saucers short now!

junior league is starting up again this week after having been on break for the holidays. i'm excited to go the meeting and see everyone!

oh, i know i may be way behind the times, but i got netflix for nick for christmas. lately, we've been watching Mad Men, and i'm hooked! it is so easy to watch 3 episodes in a row - there goes three hours. i probably shouldn't say that over the weekend we watched 11 episodes!! at 47 minutes each, you do the math. i kind of wished that it was rainy or really cold outside so i wouldn't feel so guilty for watching tv so long. it was fun snuggling on the couch regardless.

now i have to choose between Mad Men and the Bachelor!! decisions, decisions...

well, hope everyone has a great week!

PS. happy birthday to my sweet friend Justine. wish i could be there to celebrate again.


Liz said...

loved your goals for 2012! you're going to love it when you get a dog! it's the best decision we've made :)

we're currently addicted to Dexter. Seriously, SO. GOOD. Only difference is it IS cold and rainy in Amsterdam so we've got nothing better to do anyways :)

Bree said...

Haha I hope the bachelor picks up in the drama department because last nights episode was a snore-fest..and I'm usually obsessed with the show!
And I ditto Liz's comment about Dexter; now that's a show to get into!

Rosie said...

When I discovered Mad Men on Netflix my fiancee and I watched all 4 seasons in a month so don't feel too guilty about that IS an amazing show!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

We just got netflix recently too and love it! Mad Men is coming back in March!!

Justine said...

Thanks Lace!! We did miss you and Nick at the bday celebration this year:( those pics of my 2010 bday bring back great memories!!