Thursday, January 19, 2012

speak easy.

i blame mad men for being behind on my bachelor episodes. (and, working out - i just (re)joined the gym and have been going after work this week.) but, i finally watched it last night and i have to say i am loving that they are filming up in my neck of the woods. as much as i miss texas from time to time, i live in a gorgeous area... with lots of fun things to do. granted, i don't think i'll be skiing down a hill in the city anytime soon. but, i do want to try the speakeasy that ben and lindzi went to - bourbon and branch. my friend alyssa told me about it a few months ago and i've been meaning to go.

if you didn't see the show, you have to have a password to get into this 1920's style speakeasy - that was actually a real speakeasy back in the day. the background on this place is so interesting...

"Between 1923-1933, there wasn't a single raid at this Jones Street speakeasy by Prohibition Agents. The story goes that one needed to knock on the Cigar Shop door and provide a password just to gain entry. Once inside the shop, if a particular brand of cigar was requested, then that would cause a floor trap door to open. Visitors would then be escorted downstairs by a cigar salesman to the basement of JJ Russell's where the most notorious barkeeps of the day held court, treating their guests to the finest bootlegged contraband shipped to the San Francisco coast from Vancouver. 

Still in effect today, the speakeasy featured five secret exit tunnels with one of those specifically designated as a Ladies Exit, the most obscure. These exit tunnels allowed for a quick underground getaway from the basement speakeasy all the way up to Geary Street, further up at Jones Street, and two exits to O'Farrell Street. The Ladies Exit granted safe passage all the way to Leavenworth Street, a full block away. The Speakeasy also sported an elaborate brass warning bell system connected to the main lever located behind the counter of the Cigar Shop upstairs."

and of course, there are house rules.

how fun!

[image and quote from here]


Morgan said...

That place looks amazing! I immediately added it to my 'to do' list when in San Fran!

Courtney said...

There's a place in San Jose too which is a lot of fun! Gets super busy on Friday and Saturday nights but the drinks as delish. Check it out: singlebarrel!

Casey Drake said...

I totally re-looked this place up after watching Monday!! I remember Alyssa talking about it!! .. I have it on my list to do soon!! 3)

Liesl said...

Love the house rules! Glad you were able to catch up on "The Bachelor" too...I've been watching too and just love San Fran so it was nice to see a lot in that area and wine country! Plus, I always hear about the speakeasy, but have yet to go!

Liesl :)

ashley // chasing heartbeats said...

i can't believe i lived in the city for a year and never made it here. it was always on my list of things to do, but somehow it never happened.... maybe on the next visit :)