Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it's leap year!

even with 366 days in the year, 2012 is flying by!

to celebrate the extra day, my friends in junior league decided to have a "pub leap" - you know, kind of like a bar crawl... but "leap" for leap year! genius idea, imo.

{sorry for the red eyes}

i have really met some amazing women in JL... we've been having girls' nights, happy hours and even a RHoOC watching party (well, we actually just drank a lot of wine and chatted that night!). i have been really bad about taking pictures, but i finally remembered to snap a few at our pub leap.

meeting these women has really made me feel more settled in the bay area, and i am so thankful for my girl time! one thing i love is that the majority of us have moved to california from all over the US within the last two years. we have a lot in common and love exploring new places together.

anyway, for our leap day social... we went out in downtown LG. starting at andale's for margaritas, then to the brewing company for beer, and our last stop was classiest joint ever - black watch - for kamikaze's. (did you sense the slight sarcasm on that last one?!) :) it was a blast... although it is definitely a biker/dive bar. overall, great night.

{tasting beer at the brewing co.}

and best of all, nicholas dropped me off and picked me up! such a considerate husband.

happy leap year! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hike + brunch.

sunday morning nicholas and i hit the ground running with our friends, courtney and blake, with a hike in los gatos. nick and i work with blake and it's been fun having another couple to hang out with! we started at the lexington reservoir (which nicholas and i have hiked a lot since we've moved here) and hiked to the top of st. joseph's hill. it was a gorgeous day out! near the top of the hill, like where we're standing in the picture above, there are gorgeous views of the entire south bay.

after working up an appetite, we all headed over to the los gatos cafe for brunch. best apricot french toast and herbed breakfast potatoes EVER. so good, i didn't even pause for a picture.

so, if anyone (ahem, parents/siblings/friends!) would like this delicious breakfast please come visit us! yes, i will bribe you with brunch if i must.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the artist.

on saturday, nick and i went to see the artist in anticipation of the academy awards. good thing we did because 1) it was awesome and 2) it won best picture! if you have a chance, you should see it. we were honestly a third of the way into the movie when i leaned over to nicholas and said "has this been in black and white the whole time?!" :) sure enough! and, even though it is a silent movie, the movie pulls you in and you forget there aren't any words.. however, if you are a popcorn lover, like me, sometimes you feel like the whole audience can hear you chewing on your popcorn. c'est la vie!

next on my list of movies to see... W.E. (written and directed by madonna!), moneyball, the iron lady, and my week with marilyn. oh, and i saw midnight in paris in the theater - but i'd love to watch that one again, too!

Friday, February 24, 2012

who is a genius and scored a 95 on his first CPA test?

you only need like a 75 to pass.
my baby is all or nothing though.
and, he rocked it.
brains and good looks.
aren't i a lucky duck?
great job nicholas!
one down, three to go.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

sonoma valley, 2.

after a day full of wine tasting and exploring, we headed to downtown sonoma for brunch. we decided on the girl and the fig

please do yourself a favor... go there when the sun is shining, request to sit outside, order a fig royale to drink and duck contif hash. you WILL NOT regret it. 

then, make your way over to harvest home (stopping at all the other cute shops along the way, of course) and buy some darling things for your house. 

they had a cow painting that would be perfect in our living  room. (everything there fit into my texas cottage decor!) unfortunately, the only one left was a bit damaged on one corner. so, we'll be heading back up in a couple of weeks to pick up our very own. yippeee!

our trip also included coffee and dessert at el dorado cafe and a drive to napa to visit oxbow public market

if day one was about wine, then day two was most definitely about the food. 

we were in heaven and can't wait to go back!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sonoma valley, 1.

my love spoiled me this valentine's day.
(well, actually, it was just because.)
he whisked me off to the sonoma valley for a couple days and it was amazing.
we drove up in less than 2 hours and went straight to oakville grocery in healdsburg to pick up some food for lunch.

oakville grocery is so charming with all kinds of picnic provisions and local foods.
we ended up ordering sandwiches to go - SO tasty!

we'll definitely stop here again - next time we'd love to pick up some cheese and bread and charcuterie
and fruit and desserts... and make it our own picnic!

we took our sandwiches to our first stop, rochioli winery
as luck turned out, there was an art show that day in the tasting room. 
so we we able to admire the art, have a free tasting, and then buy a bottle of our favorite wine to enjoy outside on the deck with our picnic.

our next stop was VML winery
we happened to stumble across this one while we were on our way from rochioli to another stop. 
the sign out front looked cute, so we made an impromptu stop. 
and, we are so glad that we did! 
they had that buttery chardonnay that the region is know for, and one of the most delicious roses i have ever tried! 
(we bought a bottle of that, too!)

the tasting room at VML was so cute. 
i loved the service and the live music! 
and the rose - did i already mention that?!

the views outside and the grounds were gorgeous. 
we even considered becoming a member here we loved it so much!

we capped the day off with a delicious pizza dinner at rosso's in santa rosa and a big fluffy hotel bed!

click here for part 2.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

we're headed to...

we're off to sonoma for the weekend! we're so lucky to be an hour and a half away from wine country. i can't wait to try some new wines and have a picnic and enjoy the perfect weather. hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day.

do you have any fun valentine's plans?
my valentine is taking his first CPA test tomorrow and then flying to michigan. 
not really the most romantic valentine's ever... 
but we'll make it up this weekend in sonoma!

wishing everyone a lovely, smooch-filled valentine's day. 

ps. good luck on your test, nicholas! i know you're going to do great!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

diy herringbone artwork.

guess what, y'all... i did another DIY this weekend and it turned out great. :)
i've had these images pinned for awhile now, and decided that sunday was the perfect day for a project.
i love the colors of the sea glass, the abstract-ness of the sally benedict painting and the herringbone pattern of the art on the lower left. 

i went to michael's and picked up a few supplies...

for $25, i got 5 brushes, 10 different colors of acrylic paint and a 28x36in canvas.

after covering the whole canvas in one color {like this recommendation} i just went 
crazy with the paints. 

i let that dry for about 45 minutes. 
{aka, one episode of friday night lights}

then, i added strips of blue painter's tape in a herringbone pattern. 
each strip was 2x3in.

i used white paint to fill in the gaps.

30 minutes later, i pulled the painter's tape up and voila!...

i am loving it in our dining room!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

i think...

... things don't always go as planned.

... netflix is my new guilty pleasure.

... flowers can make a room feel instantly put together.

... you can eat pizza on your wedding china.

... laundry is never ending.

... moms always know how to make you feel better, even when you really feel like crap.

... i'll buy this pillow as soon as it goes on sale.

... that our next door neighbor's car alarm cries wolf waayy too many times in one weekend.

... that coffee and tea always taste better out of your favorite mug.

some images via weheartit