Sunday, February 12, 2012

diy herringbone artwork.

guess what, y'all... i did another DIY this weekend and it turned out great. :)
i've had these images pinned for awhile now, and decided that sunday was the perfect day for a project.
i love the colors of the sea glass, the abstract-ness of the sally benedict painting and the herringbone pattern of the art on the lower left. 

i went to michael's and picked up a few supplies...

for $25, i got 5 brushes, 10 different colors of acrylic paint and a 28x36in canvas.

after covering the whole canvas in one color {like this recommendation} i just went 
crazy with the paints. 

i let that dry for about 45 minutes. 
{aka, one episode of friday night lights}

then, i added strips of blue painter's tape in a herringbone pattern. 
each strip was 2x3in.

i used white paint to fill in the gaps.

30 minutes later, i pulled the painter's tape up and voila!...

i am loving it in our dining room!


Sweet Simplicity said...

It turned out great!!

Justine said...

That looks awesome Lace!! I'm loving it!

Courtney said...

What an artist you are! That looks great. I need to try this. And for $25, you could have fooled me.

-Alyssa said...

This looks SO good!!

Ashley Shihab said...

So cute!!

kg said...

This is FANTASTIC!! I think I will try something similar for my own home. And I'm really surprised that the painter's tape didn't mess at all with the acrylic. Just so pretty!