Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sonoma valley, 1.

my love spoiled me this valentine's day.
(well, actually, it was just because.)
he whisked me off to the sonoma valley for a couple days and it was amazing.
we drove up in less than 2 hours and went straight to oakville grocery in healdsburg to pick up some food for lunch.

oakville grocery is so charming with all kinds of picnic provisions and local foods.
we ended up ordering sandwiches to go - SO tasty!

we'll definitely stop here again - next time we'd love to pick up some cheese and bread and charcuterie
and fruit and desserts... and make it our own picnic!

we took our sandwiches to our first stop, rochioli winery
as luck turned out, there was an art show that day in the tasting room. 
so we we able to admire the art, have a free tasting, and then buy a bottle of our favorite wine to enjoy outside on the deck with our picnic.

our next stop was VML winery
we happened to stumble across this one while we were on our way from rochioli to another stop. 
the sign out front looked cute, so we made an impromptu stop. 
and, we are so glad that we did! 
they had that buttery chardonnay that the region is know for, and one of the most delicious roses i have ever tried! 
(we bought a bottle of that, too!)

the tasting room at VML was so cute. 
i loved the service and the live music! 
and the rose - did i already mention that?!

the views outside and the grounds were gorgeous. 
we even considered becoming a member here we loved it so much!

we capped the day off with a delicious pizza dinner at rosso's in santa rosa and a big fluffy hotel bed!

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