Wednesday, March 28, 2012

arthroscopy university.

usually i like to post pretty pictures on this blog... flowers, lattes, landscapes, and my cute husband. but, the pictures below are little bit unusual. (you have been warned.)

i know i haven't gone into too much detail about what i do for work on this blog, but i work for a medical technology company. and recently, i had an opportunity at work to participate in an advanced learning course called "Arthro U."

over the course of a month we learned all about the knee... anatomy, injuries and different orthopedic procedures, etc. we learned how our company's medical devices are used in a practical setting and (on a basic level) how to perform for example, an ACL replacement. after classroom lectures, quizzes, homework and a dry lab, we had an orthopedic surgeon come in and talk to us. it was so interesting! at the culmination of the course, we got to participate in a cadaver lab with the surgeon and we all got to try different procedures and use our company's tools and technology on a real knee.

the fact that it was a real cadaver knee was kinda gross, but also kinda cool. i handled it like a pro - i didn't feel faint or nervous at all. we performed an ACL replacement, meniscectomy and micro-fracture procedure. because most of the procedures are arthroscopic, we had a scope inside the knee, and so in all the pictures we are staring up at the TV screen. it was sort of like playing a video game.

don't worry, i covered up all the really gross parts with pretty daisies, but here are some pictures from the lab.

this was probably one of the craziest things i've done at work! i know not everyone is into this, but i've always been into science and i worked in a hospital for a couple of years, so this hands-on experience was fascinating.

and as icing on the cake, i scored really well on my post-test and was asked to be a professor at the next Arthro U session! so exciting!


Jenna said...

So cool! What an amazing experience!


The Keeneys said...

love that Endo does this for their in-house employees! getting hands on and seeing the products in action is so beneficial. congrats on getting chosen to be a professor! also, the daisys are hilarious. nice touch!