Tuesday, March 27, 2012

things i loved about last weekend.

staying in on friday night after a long week and researching our next big vacation. maybe madrid? maybe hong kong? maybe ireland?

actually getting out of bed early enough on a saturday morning to make it to the gym!

not feeling guilty about devouring a delicious omelette and pancake at brunch after a great workout.

finally finishing a home improvement project that's been an eyesore! (our entertainment center had a cut-out in the back for a larger TV, and you could see it - and the wall - behind our TV. nicholas patched it up with some beadboard. thanks, hun.)

braving the rain for a date night at santana row. (santana row is an area of shops and restaurants just a few minutes away from us.)

{straits, where we had dinner and listened to some bumpin' EDM. loved the music.}

cupcakes! our waiter at dinner on saturday night asked us if we were celebrating a special occasion. we said, "well, it's date night!" so he brought us a cupcake with a candle in it! hah.

we saw hunger games - like everyone else in america - and loved it! i think it was a great representation of the book. i have to admit, when that dog-mutant thing jumped out of the woods near the end, i literally jumped out of my seat! so did nick. and, the fire costumes were awesome. :)

sunday morning we tried a new church walking distance from our house. it was like sister act pre-whoopi. we probably won't be going back.

oh yeah, season 5 premiere of mad men! i was already having withdraws after a few months without the show since i watched it on netflix. i can't believe that it's been a year and a half since the last season actually aired. we made a martini for me and a gimlet for nick and had a grand ol' time wrapping up our weekend with don draper!


Liz said...

I loved this post!

staying in on a friday night = my favorite. best way to unwind after a long week!

next vacation? you guys should do a few weeks in spain. and don't miss seville while you're there. not as hyped as barcelona and madrid, but freakin' incredible. i posted about it recently if you haven't seen :)

hunger games... oh my gosh I SCREAMED when the dog came out of the forest! Corey totally laughed at me :)

thanks for sharing your fun weekend with us!

Liesl said...

What FUN! Yay for cupcakes and date nights! Hope you enjoy the new season of Mad Men! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Looks and sounds like a great weekend! I jumped too at that dog part!