Tuesday, April 17, 2012

last friday night.

i had such a great weekend! and it started on friday after work, when i met some of my favorite CA girls at cin cin wine bar in los gatos for drinks... and 4 hours later we were still laughing and chatting! 

has this ever happened to you?... you arrive at a happy hour a little late and everyone, except one of your married girlfriends, has a glass of wine. do you automatically think she is pregnant?! haha. i have to admit, i've been guilty of that*. :) and, i know i'm not the only one because that happened between two of my girlfriends at our happy hour on friday! {she was just in between drinks by the way!}

*i've been right a couple times, too!

we all enjoyed a couple glasses of vino and lots of girl talk, and i finally made it home from happy "hour" at like 9:30! {i can't believe i didn't take any pictures on friday night - bummer!} we are taking a girls trip up to napa in a few weeks - which i am thrilled about - and i'll be SURE to snap some pictures then!

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Michelle {lovely little things} said...

My friends and I totally assume that of all our friends who "pass" at HH.