Saturday, April 7, 2012

twenty six!

yep! i celebrated my 26th birthday on thursday. 

unfortunately, i came down with a terrible cold 
the day before my birthday, so that wasn't any fun. 
my birthday plans of dinners and drinks and dressing up were instead replaced 
with nyquil and lots of sleeping and sneezing and pajamas. 

i did still manage to open lots of presents 
- including that pretty scarf from my MIL in the pic above! -
 and eat a cupcake (or, two!) when i was finally feeling better. 

and, even though i wasn't physically feeling great on my birthday, 
i felt pretty darn loved with all the happy birthday 
cards, texts, flowers, emails, gifts and facebook messages i received!

and, thankfully, i'm feeling much better now! 

ps. my mom's birthday is the day after mine. 
so, happy birthday, mom! 
you're the best momma ever. 
please come visit me soon. love you!