Monday, May 28, 2012


this was the memorial day feast that i made for nicholas and me - gorgonzola turkey burgers with green chilis on a french roll and roasted Brussels sprouts. it was delicious!

this weekend, nicholas flew up to portland kind of last minute to spend some time with his brother. after a really busy month, i stayed home and just relaxed! i caught up on some tv shows (like girls - hilarious!) and i finished the fifty shades of grey trilogy (loved it!) and i went to dinner with one of my old co-workers.

i had high hopes of getting other things done... like sifting through the clothes i don't wear, lots of laundry and sweeping, etc. but for me, when i have nothing to do, i end up doing nothing! it's when i'm busy and on a schedule that i get the most random things done.

nicholas got home this morning and i realized how much i love having him around. :) well, i always knew i loved having him around, but i really missed him this weekend and was so happy when he got home!!

*for this memorial day and always, i am so thankful to live freely due to the honorable men and women who have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom.*

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