Saturday, June 2, 2012


the weather lately has been perfect! it's tough working inside at a desk when you know the weather is just so gorgeous. so, yesterday nick and i went on a hike right after work. i love that it stays bright so late now. we had about a 2 hour hike of uninterrupted conversation about our week and just about everything else!

and then, we went to the poor house bistro for some cajun food and live music on the patio. i still can't get used to how much the temperature drops at night here. while we were hiking it was 85+ degrees, and then sitting down for dinner, i was shivering even with a heater going next to me!

bbq shrimp po-boys and cajun fries! yum.

for the rest of the weekend, we are planning on going to the greek festival in our neighborhood, enjoying my new blow-up swimming pool (impulse buy!) and cooking up some ribs for dinner! have a great weekend!

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Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Cajun food, yum! It's starting to feel like summer weather in Seattle too, can't wait for more sunshine. :)