Sunday, June 10, 2012


last week, i graduated from being a Provisional in the Junior League of San Jose to being an Active member. (and, i got my JLSJ nametag!)

i have absolutely loved my first year of junior league. not only did i get to do good things in the community, but i got to meet some of my best friends here in california! i've learned a lot about the league in my first year - we had lots of trainings.

i am so excited to serve on a committee next year starting in August. I will be on the Done-In-A-Day Committee. here's what the JLSJ website has to say about DIAD:

The purpose of the Done-In-A-Day Committee is to provide short-term volunteer staffing and/or in kind donations to nonprofit community organizations that fall within the League's Community Program.
The combination of committee activities provides an avenue for our League members to respond to community needs, and work directly with clients, community members, and nonprofit staff - resulting in immediate benefits to our community. 

i'm excited to spend some more time volunteering in the community. on monday 6/18, we have our first social for the DIAD committee, so I'll be meeting a lot of new faces. how has the first year gone by so fast?

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Jenna said...

Congrats! This seems like such a great group to be a part of :)