Sunday, June 3, 2012


when nicholas and i were driving home on friday after dinner, we saw signs in our neighborhood for a greek festival! honestly, i had never even had greek food until we moved out to California, and i was totally missing out. saturday afternoon, we walked a few blocks to the 41st annual San Jose Greek Festival at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. we enjoyed some traditional greek music and dancing, gyros, greek salad and fries and even greek beer. what i found most interesting though was the tour of the church.

we received a lesson in the history of the greek orthodox church and discussed their beliefs, traditions and rituals. i have to admit, the whole time i was playing scenes from my big fat greek wedding in my head... i LOVE that movie! and isn't it convenient that my husband's name is nicholas?! the whole time i could call him by his traditional greek name.... "nEE-k"  ;) [if you have no idea what i'm talking about this watch this!]

. . .