Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nights like this remind me how awesome it is to live in Northern California.

i hope everyone enjoyed your fourth of july! we continued our celebrations friday night with a concert in the vineyard at robert mondavi winery in napa valley.

our good friend joshua's band, GRO, opened for the plain white t's! we grabbed a picnic at oakville grocery on our way to the show. there were some reserved seats, but we sat on the lawn with a big picnic blanket and had a fantastic view!

we seriously had to keep pinching ourselves... yes, we live here. yes, the weather is perfect. yes, this has to be the best fried chicken sandwich i've ever had. yes, this is the rhythm of love. yes, we are in napa.

[goodies at oakville grocery - highly recommend for a picnic provisions!]

[amazing scenery behind the crowd]

[our picnic set-up!]

[fried chicken sandwich was GOOOOOOD. really good.]

[singing 1, 2, 3, 4]

[hanging with joshua backstage. yeah, we're cool like that!]

now, we just need to work on getting his girlfriend miss lauren out here 
to visit too, and my life would be complete!


Jenna said...

This looks like the perfect summer outing - and I can't imagine a better setting. Napa is simply stunning. I would have been pinching myself too :)


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

You can't go wrong with jam + wine! Love California, West coast is best xoxo

Lauren said...

AWEEEE! So funn! That Joshie sure is a babe-o-rama!