Thursday, August 23, 2012


1. i am LOVING my new role at work! i am working in the HR department on the training team. my new team is a lot of fun, but i definitely miss my old team, too. at least they are just down the hall and i can swing by and say hi whenever i want!

2. chick-fil-a opened their first location in the bay area today! i just thought about it... and i think it has been about 2 years (seriously!) since i've had chick-fil-a. i really had a craving for a chicken biscuit this morning... but the lines were ridiculous and apparently people even camped out! i'll have to wait a few days until it dies down.

3. another one of my favorites retailers from texas is opening it's doors in the bay area.... HOBBY LOBBY!!! i am in heaven. they are opening tomorrow just 10-15 minutes away from work and i am pretty sure i am going to make a visit during lunch tomorrow. you don't realize how much you miss places like hobby lobby... until your stuck with just michael's. so happy.

4. i tried on several jackets for our trip to the UK and so far this rain jacket from REI is my favorite. i especially love that the hood is detachable. we are expecting cool weather and rain... so i think this will be perfect. (with a few layers underneath!)

5. nick has been studying like crazy for his third CPA test. he has passed BEC and audit, is studying for Reg, then he'll just have one more. he has been working all day and studying all night... breaking only for meals. talk about discipline. i don't think i could do it. (well, i have done it, but i wouldn't want to do it again.) nick is awesome. and selfishly, i am so ready for some attention!! right now my ideal date night is dinner at chick-fil-a and then shopping at hobby lobby hahah. i'm not asking for much...

6. this weekend, my cousin april is visiting from texas and we are going to sonoma on saturday for some wine tasting. i am looking forward to a little vino and sunshine.

as my co-workers often say... happy almost friday! 


Courtney said...

Please tell me where hobby lobby is going?! I've only heard amazing things about this store but have never been. Pretty sure I'll be obsessed.

Good luck to Nick on his tests. I know exactly how it is to be in your shoes. My fiance took them a couple years back. Once they are over it's the best thing ever!!

Casey Drake said...

So funny, I have been waiting for this weekend for a while, hobby lobby and chick fil a opening in one weekend! :) I am glad hobby lobby is opening right before the holidays! :)

Liesl said...

Love the rain jacket and color! Yay for some Chick-fil-a too...that always reminds me of college in NC! :)