Sunday, August 5, 2012


yes, you read that right, in one month nicholas and i will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary!

and in typical lacey-and-nicholas fashion, we've jam packed our september with lots of fun and celebrating. (although it's not quite as busy as our september was two years ago... when we got married, honeymooned in maui, moved to california and nick started new job... and eventually me, too. now that was a busy month.) 

this year, we get to spend our anniversary weekend in austin, texas! me, my husband and the amazing state of texas - that's all a girl needs! we are looking forward to exploring and shopping and eatings lots and lots of good food. 

and lucky us, we get to celebrate more love in texas as these two crazy kids get married! 
[krista and jake]

then, nick's mom and her husband mike are coming out to san jose to visit us mid-september! they'll be here for 5 whole days!! :)  it will be their first time out to visit us in california, and we have SO MUCH to show them. i'm thinking a little beach time, a little wine tasting, and maybe some san fran thrown in the mix! 

and the last weekend in september, we are meeting nick's west coast siblings - melissa and fam from seattle and CJ from portland - in southern oregon for a race. i am opting out of the running! haha... but i'll be on the sidelines cheering them on and hanging out with my nieces.

we are so excited to spend our anniversary month surrounded by friends in texas and family on the west coast! time really does fly by.

top photo of lemons and lavendar in our back yard!


Jenna said...

So exciting!!! Time sure does fly when you're having fun :) Can't wait for all the festivity and visitor recaps!


Weekend Cowgirl said...

It simply does not seem possible that you will be married 2 years! California sounds like a fun place to live and sounds like you all are making the best of it!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! It's already been two years?! Crazy how time goes by!