Tuesday, August 14, 2012


on saturday, nicholas and i took the train up to san francisco to meet up with our good friend paddycakes (aka. patrick) and his girlfriend, daphne!

patrick and i went to TCU together, and then patrick and nick lived together for a couple years in texas.

they live in houston now, but were in town for vacation, so we decided to play tourist with them. we met them at fisherman's wharf, visited the ghirardelli chocolate factory, rode muni (which is an adventure in itself!), saw the painted ladies and then golden gate park.

we were in dire need of some cocktails, and i still hadn't tried bourbon and branch (the speakeasy i first mentioned here)... so we headed that way right at 6pm - when they opened.

we didn't have a reservation... and you need a reservation to get a password... and you need a password to get in. but, i remembered they have an area in the back called the library that doesn't require reservations, but you still need a password. lucky for me, i knew the password!... and we were led right in! (trust me, i felt very cool.) it was such a fun place, and i highly recommend visiting if you have the chance!

after a few delicious cocktails, we caught a taxi to north beach and ended the night with a hearty italian dinner.

it was so great having some texas friends out here in CA!

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Nicole Marie said...

i used to go to bourbon and branch a lot. i loved having to use the password