Friday, September 7, 2012


here's part one in case you missed it.

after our glorious meal at torchy's tacos, we drove over to zilker park to check out barton springs. when we got there, i had total deja vu! i had been to barton springs before and didn't even realize it!

it all came back to me when we got there! when i went to Austin City Limits several years ago (maybe i was still in high school?!) we went to barton springs to swim after being in the sun all day watching live music. i didn't really put it together until we got there. how funny is that!
after visiting the springs, we headed to south congress which is a fun and happenin' street in austin. we grabbed some drinks at guero's taco bar garden and listened to some live music. (you can always find live music in austin!)
after a while, we decided to head back to the hotel. as we were walking to our car we walked by amy's ice cream so we just HAD to stop (1 of 2 visits to amy's while we were in austin!).

and that was just the first day! 


Jenna said...

Looks like such a blast! I'm dying over all of the delicious food, drink, and dessert!


Sara Louise said...

Barton Springs and Modelo?! Now I'm super duper homesick! :)