Tuesday, October 9, 2012


like i mentioned before... we had TONS of fun in austin and i have lots of photos to share to prove it!

on our third day in austin, we met up with our friends dave, justine, lauren, joshua, saxon and anissa for brunch at hillside farmacy... the decor was so cool and hip!
*bottom right photo collage from lauren's instagram

after brunch we went to the cedar door to watch the husker's football game and my parents met us there! my parents live about a 6 hour drive south of austin, but they drove up to meet us since we were in the state of TX! it was sooooooo good to see them. last time i saw them was last december for our christmas cruise.

later that evening, my parents took us out to dinner at eddie v's (we were completely spoiled by them!) and then we stopped by the driskill hotel for a cocktail before bed!
the next morning, (day five) we met them for a quick brunch before they got back on the road... and then nicholas and i made a snap decision to go kayaking on lady bird lake! we had a blast.
since we missed the bats, we decided to kayak down to the bridge to see if we could spot anything from below. well, it turned out the congress st. bridge was a LOT further than we thought... we made it, but we definitely got more of a workout than we bargained for. (which wasn't all that bad considering all the food we've been eating!)

after our adventure kayaking, we headed to justine's parents' house to get ready for krista and jake's wedding!