Monday, November 12, 2012

Jetlag and Sunday Roast in London!

i have so much to say about our trip to the UK that its a little overwhelming! i don't know where to begin! i do have to say that now that i am finally over my cold, i am so ready to go back! i think i could spend a couple more weeks in great britain and still not see everything i'd like to. :)

well, i guess i'll start with our first day and our hotel. we were so giddy on the flight from DFW to heathrow. to fight some of the jet lag, i wanted to try to sleep during the whole flight, so i took an ambien. (nick opted for red wine.) i must have been too excited though, because even with my neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs, blanket and wool socks on... i couldn't fall asleep. (nick on the other hand passed out after two glasses of wine, go figure.) note to self, find out a way to get into first class on the next international flight.

once we landed, we got oyster cards and cash, and then jumped on the tube to our hotel @ the knightsbridge stop. i loved the tube. it was so convenient and easy to navigate.

headed down to the tube.

our hotel was like a block from harrods and right next door to harvey nichols. :) and, thankfully we were able to check in early. we had amazing views of hyde park from the picture window in our room.

looking down!

outside of the covent garden tube stop.

at the suggestion of my friend alyssa*, we booked sunday lunch at hawksmoor to enjoy a nice, hearty english roast beef, which is traditionally served on sundays after it has cooked for several hours while you are church. the hawksmoor was rated one of the best sunday roasts last year by the uk guardian  - and we could taste why!

*alyssa made lots and lots of fabulous recommendations for us - THANK YOU, ALYSSA!

do we look like we just flew all night?...


we split a plate because it was so massive. 
perfectly cooked medium rare beef, yorkshire pudding - yum!, and greens and carrots.

after lunch, we met up with nick's previous boss that hired him at stryker. john, his wife cindy, and their 3 kids have lived in london for the last 3 years. it was so good to see them and catch up! 

after a walk through hyde park, we decided to grab a quick meal at wagamama before crashing at 10pm.

cheers to being in london!!


Jenna said...

I also loved the tube when I was in London - it's so fun and easy to navigate :) Looks like you guys packed a lot into your first day! The view from your hotel was AMAZING!


-Alyssa said...

No problem, my pleasure! It was such a joy to write that list, honestly. :) I miss London so much! It is so much fun reading your blog updates. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Looks like you did A TON of great stuff! xo

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How wonderful! Those are great views from the hotel and it sounds like the location was perfect. What hotel was it?