Monday, November 5, 2012


over a year ago, i posted this living room inspiration board for our (then) new house...

since then, i think i've managed to add a little more texas to our california home!
(you can check out what our house looked like a year ago... not too much different!)

for our 2nd anniversary, my parents gave nick and me a cowhide rug! (score!)

i finally got around to taking pictures of our living room with our new rug...  so i thought i'd share.

thanks, mom and dad! it's perfect! and nick actually likes it too. :)

'god bless texas' sign from blockpaperscissors on etsy.

in case of a fire, i will be grabbing this painting off the wall!

and, of course, our trusty entertainment center that nicholas painted for us!

our house is tiny, but it is perfect for the two of us and i love how it came together.

next on my list... european mounted deer antlers from my brother-in-law for the dining room. 
(i think i may be getting a little carried away... haha.)


Britt said...

LOVE the cowhide rug! It's always a plus if the husband likes it too. Your place looks great!

*D* said...

Your home to too cute! Love how you're bringing Texas too Cali :)

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Love the rug and love the cow painting!!! I love antlers also!