Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scotland, Part Two: Edinburgh Castle.

To start off our first full day in Edinburgh, we visited Edinburgh Castle!

Of course, before we made our way to the castle, we had to stop for some hot coffee! Caffe Nero saved our lives; we probably got coffee and breakfast there 4 or 5 times! (They had this delicious hot breakfast sandwich with mustard, ham and hard boiled eggs. I ordered that every time!)

 ^Edinburgh Castle

Check out this stunning view from the castle walls...

 Oh, and we found out that the little chapel - St. Margaret's chapel, which was built in 1120! -
 inside the castle can be used for weddings...
 There was a bride (who must have been so cold because the wind was whipping up there!) walking into the chapel with her father and the priest right as we were walking by...

Here's the another shot of the chapel... (and my favorite tourist!)
See how tiny it is?! 
I wonder how many guests they had inside for the wedding ceremony!

 We explored some of the crown jewels held there, the Stone of Destiny, and an fascinating Prisoner of War exhibit.  
The prisoners were kept down in a stone vault/dungeon and they slept in hammocks.

The exhibit was set up to appear just as it had while there were prisoners there. Some of the stories are quite unimaginable, but all true. For example, there was one prisoner who tried to escape by hiding in the dung barrel. (Nasty!) But, when the dung was thrown over the castle walls, the prisoner was smashed to pieces on the rough rocks below the castle!  

Next up, lunch and whisky!

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