Thursday, December 6, 2012

The best pub in Edinburgh, Scotland.

first of all, it was FREEZING in edinburgh...

and yes, our poor little ears were so it cold that nicholas and i even bought matching hats to keep them warm!!

yep, we're so cool. (and, warm!)

anyway, the up-side of being cold and wet in edinburgh is that there were plenty of pubs for us to pop into to warm up by a fire and drink some ale or whisky.

the very last night of our trip, nick and i stumbled across our favorite pub of the whole trip. (why did it have to be the last night?!! oh yeah, so we can go back soon!!)

we were searching for a pub before our dinner reservation and passed by this tiny pub on rose st called the black cat.

standing outside, we heard music - beautiful, live music - blaring from the inside; so loud it drew us right in.

as we cozied up to the bar, we knew we had discovered some amazing gem you wouldn't find in any of the guidebooks... a table of eight scottish musicians were sitting at a table, just jamming away. no stage, no singing. just crazy, knee-slappin', foot-stompin' music.

here is a quick video clip that nicholas took of the band:

ps. sorry if you get sea-sick watching this. nick was more interested in dancing with the music than taking a steady video. i don't blame him though!

we chatted with the bartender about our whisky knowledge, and he helped us to a few tastings of whisky. 

some of our favorites:

we drove right by this distillery in pitlochry, a charming town in the southern highlands; we had to taste whisky from scotland's smallest distillery!

i still haven't quite developed the palette for whisky, but i did appreciate it more than ever.
especially for it's warming abilities!

the black cat wasn't the oldest pub, or even most "authentic" pub that we visited, but... it was our favorite.
seriously. the best pub ever.


Nicole Marie said...

i hope i get a chance to go to Edinburg while i'm here!

Caroline said...

Looks like my kind of place! Enjoy!

Liesl said...

LOVE a great pub and you are both also rock those hats, so fun!!! :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What a cute place! and I just love your hat!