Wednesday, March 28, 2012

arthroscopy university.

usually i like to post pretty pictures on this blog... flowers, lattes, landscapes, and my cute husband. but, the pictures below are little bit unusual. (you have been warned.)

i know i haven't gone into too much detail about what i do for work on this blog, but i work for a medical technology company. and recently, i had an opportunity at work to participate in an advanced learning course called "Arthro U."

over the course of a month we learned all about the knee... anatomy, injuries and different orthopedic procedures, etc. we learned how our company's medical devices are used in a practical setting and (on a basic level) how to perform for example, an ACL replacement. after classroom lectures, quizzes, homework and a dry lab, we had an orthopedic surgeon come in and talk to us. it was so interesting! at the culmination of the course, we got to participate in a cadaver lab with the surgeon and we all got to try different procedures and use our company's tools and technology on a real knee.

the fact that it was a real cadaver knee was kinda gross, but also kinda cool. i handled it like a pro - i didn't feel faint or nervous at all. we performed an ACL replacement, meniscectomy and micro-fracture procedure. because most of the procedures are arthroscopic, we had a scope inside the knee, and so in all the pictures we are staring up at the TV screen. it was sort of like playing a video game.

don't worry, i covered up all the really gross parts with pretty daisies, but here are some pictures from the lab.

this was probably one of the craziest things i've done at work! i know not everyone is into this, but i've always been into science and i worked in a hospital for a couple of years, so this hands-on experience was fascinating.

and as icing on the cake, i scored really well on my post-test and was asked to be a professor at the next Arthro U session! so exciting!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

things i loved about last weekend.

staying in on friday night after a long week and researching our next big vacation. maybe madrid? maybe hong kong? maybe ireland?

actually getting out of bed early enough on a saturday morning to make it to the gym!

not feeling guilty about devouring a delicious omelette and pancake at brunch after a great workout.

finally finishing a home improvement project that's been an eyesore! (our entertainment center had a cut-out in the back for a larger TV, and you could see it - and the wall - behind our TV. nicholas patched it up with some beadboard. thanks, hun.)

braving the rain for a date night at santana row. (santana row is an area of shops and restaurants just a few minutes away from us.)

{straits, where we had dinner and listened to some bumpin' EDM. loved the music.}

cupcakes! our waiter at dinner on saturday night asked us if we were celebrating a special occasion. we said, "well, it's date night!" so he brought us a cupcake with a candle in it! hah.

we saw hunger games - like everyone else in america - and loved it! i think it was a great representation of the book. i have to admit, when that dog-mutant thing jumped out of the woods near the end, i literally jumped out of my seat! so did nick. and, the fire costumes were awesome. :)

sunday morning we tried a new church walking distance from our house. it was like sister act pre-whoopi. we probably won't be going back.

oh yeah, season 5 premiere of mad men! i was already having withdraws after a few months without the show since i watched it on netflix. i can't believe that it's been a year and a half since the last season actually aired. we made a martini for me and a gimlet for nick and had a grand ol' time wrapping up our weekend with don draper!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


nick's been in chicago for work since monday, enjoying perfect weather and staying at the four seasons, nonetheless. and i can't wait until he gets home tomorrow. next time, i'm just sneaking into his suitcase! i want to go, too! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy st. patrick's day!

we are venturing downtown to the old wagon saloon here in san jose to celebrate st. patty's with some friends from work! green beers, and all. i don't have much green to wear, and it's reallly cold here this weekend, so ran out and picked up this scarf at target this morning. i love it. have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


planning my weekend around green beer (or, green champagne!).

dreading my boot camp/body conditioning class this afternoon. but, loving that i feel more in shape every week!

convincing myself it's about time to pull the trigger on some hunter rain boots. especially since the rain has arrived in northern california.

wondering if anyone else was surprised to see "tim riggins" in this movie trailer!

recommending everyone watch like crazy. it such a touching movie about falling in love for the first time, and it actually feels like real, crazy love. not cheesy movie love.

loving the rain, because it's a perfect excuse to curl up and watch all these movies!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

walking on the beach.

there's nothing like skiing all day in tahoe, then taking a walk on the beach. 
(then taking the most luxurious steam shower!) 

we are definitely not used to having hat hair and a ski suit on at the beach, 
but the scenery was just too beautiful not to enjoy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

snow bunnies.

picking up our gear.
it's been 11 years since i last skied, but i picked it back up in no time. rode blues all day! so fun.

gorgeous views of lake tahoe from the mountain!

 good thing we had such a big SUV for all of our stuff.

taking the lift up to the top.


 allison, me & merryl.
(aren't goggles so awkward?!)

heavenly - lake tahoe, nv.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

lake tahoe.

nicholas and i decided to make a trip up to tahoe this weekend with some friends. this was our view saturday morning, drinking coffee on the balcony of our friends' cabin/lakehouse. isn't it so serene? it turned out to be a gorgeous day for skiing, laughs, good wine and board games. we're exhausted from all the fun! i'll definitely share more pics soon. :)