Monday, April 30, 2012


have y'all ever heard the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder? well, it is 100% true. it had been waaaayyy too long since i enjoyed a nice long weekend in texas with my girlfriends from college. (oh, texas, i miss you already!) we celebrated justine's last days of being single in fredericksburg - which is the cutest, quaint town about an hour west of austin - and it was absolutely perfect. we stayed at a little bed and breakfast, drank wine, ate some really good food, laughed a lot, talked about weddings and marriage and our jobs and babies and all kinds of fun things. since i've been back, i've been trying to convince nicholas we should move back to texas! (i'm not sure it's working, but at least we have plenty of trips to texas scheduled this year.)

and in less than 3 weeks, i'll be back in texas for justine and dave's wedding! 
i. cannot. wait.

Friday, April 20, 2012

feels like summer.

Nicholas and I cut out of work a bit early to enjoy some margaritas on the patio at el jardin tequila bar! It feels like summer and I am in heaven!!! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

an afternoon at the shooting range.

a few weeks ago, my team took the afternoon off of work and went to the shooting range! nothing like shooting at something to let off some of the steam from work. ;)

we did a sporting clay course, which is kind of like golf with a shotgun. there were 18 stations, and everyone shoots at a clay disc at each station, and we, of course, kept score! (we had to add a competition to it!)

i actually really had a great time out there and would love to go again soon. and, i finally got to wear my camouflage TCU hat! :) here are a few pics.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

last friday night.

i had such a great weekend! and it started on friday after work, when i met some of my favorite CA girls at cin cin wine bar in los gatos for drinks... and 4 hours later we were still laughing and chatting! 

has this ever happened to you?... you arrive at a happy hour a little late and everyone, except one of your married girlfriends, has a glass of wine. do you automatically think she is pregnant?! haha. i have to admit, i've been guilty of that*. :) and, i know i'm not the only one because that happened between two of my girlfriends at our happy hour on friday! {she was just in between drinks by the way!}

*i've been right a couple times, too!

we all enjoyed a couple glasses of vino and lots of girl talk, and i finally made it home from happy "hour" at like 9:30! {i can't believe i didn't take any pictures on friday night - bummer!} we are taking a girls trip up to napa in a few weeks - which i am thrilled about - and i'll be SURE to snap some pictures then!

Monday, April 16, 2012

lucky, lucky me!

today must be my lucky day because...

i won this gorgeous ex voto vintage bracelet on the southern eclectic today! i am SO SO SO excited to wear this stunning piece. {and, i love that there is such a special story behind the line!} thanks, sheridan & ex voto vintage!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

birthday cards.

...some of the cards i received last week for my birthday! lucky me. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

national sibling day.

 i just noticed on facebook that it was national sibling day, so i thought i'd share this darling picture of me and my two brothers, allen and austin. 

allen is 2 years older than me and austin is 2.5 years younger. 

they are both WAY taller than me.

too bad i don't have any pictures handy from our teenage years. those are a hoot. 

these two handsome guys both live back in texas, and i don't get to see them enough! 

hopefully next time i do see them, we can all wear matching clothes for old time's sake. hehe.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

hoppy easter!

we've had a fun, sunny, relaxing easter. we went to church this morning, and then had brunch at palacio in los gatos! mmm... there's nothing better than a springtime brunch on a patio with my hunny bunny. i even got a little sun! :) wishing everyone a wonderful easter! xoxo.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

twenty six!

yep! i celebrated my 26th birthday on thursday. 

unfortunately, i came down with a terrible cold 
the day before my birthday, so that wasn't any fun. 
my birthday plans of dinners and drinks and dressing up were instead replaced 
with nyquil and lots of sleeping and sneezing and pajamas. 

i did still manage to open lots of presents 
- including that pretty scarf from my MIL in the pic above! -
 and eat a cupcake (or, two!) when i was finally feeling better. 

and, even though i wasn't physically feeling great on my birthday, 
i felt pretty darn loved with all the happy birthday 
cards, texts, flowers, emails, gifts and facebook messages i received!

and, thankfully, i'm feeling much better now! 

ps. my mom's birthday is the day after mine. 
so, happy birthday, mom! 
you're the best momma ever. 
please come visit me soon. love you!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

currently obsessed.

i have been listening to these songs on repeat for DAYS. i seriously cannot help but to sing at the top of my lungs every time adele's "somebody like you" comes on the radio... which, much to my husband's dismay, is a lot.

have a great week!