Tuesday, August 28, 2012


last weekend, my cousin April, who lives in houston, came out to the bay area for a nice little vacation. at the end of her trip, nicholas and i met her and my aunt and uncle, who live in vacaville, for some fun in sonoma!

we have been to sonoma a couple of times but this time we tried four new wineries - landmark, chateau st. jean, st francis and kunde! then, we had dinner at the girl and the fig which was AWESOME.

walking through the vineyard at landmark.


tasting delicious vino!

second stop.

chateau st. jean had demonstration vines where you can taste all 
the different grape varietals right off the vine! so cool.

@ chateau st. jean.

st. francis

we enjoyed a seating tasting (love those) & charcuterie on the patio at st. francis. 

our last stop was kunde. 
(they have cave tours here, but we didn't get there in time to see one.)

yeahhhh... so we had been drinking wine all day. haha.

best thing of all, we didn't have to drive back to san jose. 
my aunt and uncle graciously drove us back to their house and we spent the night there!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


1. i am LOVING my new role at work! i am working in the HR department on the training team. my new team is a lot of fun, but i definitely miss my old team, too. at least they are just down the hall and i can swing by and say hi whenever i want!

2. chick-fil-a opened their first location in the bay area today! i just thought about it... and i think it has been about 2 years (seriously!) since i've had chick-fil-a. i really had a craving for a chicken biscuit this morning... but the lines were ridiculous and apparently people even camped out! i'll have to wait a few days until it dies down.

3. another one of my favorites retailers from texas is opening it's doors in the bay area.... HOBBY LOBBY!!! i am in heaven. they are opening tomorrow just 10-15 minutes away from work and i am pretty sure i am going to make a visit during lunch tomorrow. you don't realize how much you miss places like hobby lobby... until your stuck with just michael's. so happy.

4. i tried on several jackets for our trip to the UK and so far this rain jacket from REI is my favorite. i especially love that the hood is detachable. we are expecting cool weather and rain... so i think this will be perfect. (with a few layers underneath!)

5. nick has been studying like crazy for his third CPA test. he has passed BEC and audit, is studying for Reg, then he'll just have one more. he has been working all day and studying all night... breaking only for meals. talk about discipline. i don't think i could do it. (well, i have done it, but i wouldn't want to do it again.) nick is awesome. and selfishly, i am so ready for some attention!! right now my ideal date night is dinner at chick-fil-a and then shopping at hobby lobby hahah. i'm not asking for much...

6. this weekend, my cousin april is visiting from texas and we are going to sonoma on saturday for some wine tasting. i am looking forward to a little vino and sunshine.

as my co-workers often say... happy almost friday! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


i'd be lying if i said that i'm not completely obsessed with planning our october trip to england and scotland. it will be here before we know it, and there is just so much to see and do across the pond and not enough hours in a day! i am having trouble narrowing it down!

a few notes about our trip:
we are spending 4 nights in london. three nights at the sheraton park tower on knightsbridge and one night at the park plaza westminster bridge hotel. we lucked out with two fabulous locations!

so far, we have booked afternoon tea at claridge's and sunday lunch at hawksmoor. i am going to apply for tickets for the ceremony of the keys at the tower of london - has anyone done that?

after london, we are making our way to edinburgh, where we'll be staying at the grand hotel & spa for four nights.

thankfully, my friend alyssa has spent some time around the UK and compiled 4 pages(!!) of recommendations for us. i am referring to her notes religiously as i'm planning... but i wanted to check if anyone else had any travel tips/UK recommendations for us.

what should we see and do and eat and buy!?! 
also, what should i wear in october in london and edinburgh? 

your comments or emails would be much appreciated!

ps. wouldn't fun throw pillows make perfect souvenirs? 
via pinterest.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


on saturday, nicholas and i took the train up to san francisco to meet up with our good friend paddycakes (aka. patrick) and his girlfriend, daphne!

patrick and i went to TCU together, and then patrick and nick lived together for a couple years in texas.

they live in houston now, but were in town for vacation, so we decided to play tourist with them. we met them at fisherman's wharf, visited the ghirardelli chocolate factory, rode muni (which is an adventure in itself!), saw the painted ladies and then golden gate park.

we were in dire need of some cocktails, and i still hadn't tried bourbon and branch (the speakeasy i first mentioned here)... so we headed that way right at 6pm - when they opened.

we didn't have a reservation... and you need a reservation to get a password... and you need a password to get in. but, i remembered they have an area in the back called the library that doesn't require reservations, but you still need a password. lucky for me, i knew the password!... and we were led right in! (trust me, i felt very cool.) it was such a fun place, and i highly recommend visiting if you have the chance!

after a few delicious cocktails, we caught a taxi to north beach and ended the night with a hearty italian dinner.

it was so great having some texas friends out here in CA!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


yes, you read that right, in one month nicholas and i will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary!

and in typical lacey-and-nicholas fashion, we've jam packed our september with lots of fun and celebrating. (although it's not quite as busy as our september was two years ago... when we got married, honeymooned in maui, moved to california and nick started new job... and eventually me, too. now that was a busy month.) 

this year, we get to spend our anniversary weekend in austin, texas! me, my husband and the amazing state of texas - that's all a girl needs! we are looking forward to exploring and shopping and eatings lots and lots of good food. 

and lucky us, we get to celebrate more love in texas as these two crazy kids get married! 
[krista and jake]

then, nick's mom and her husband mike are coming out to san jose to visit us mid-september! they'll be here for 5 whole days!! :)  it will be their first time out to visit us in california, and we have SO MUCH to show them. i'm thinking a little beach time, a little wine tasting, and maybe some san fran thrown in the mix! 

and the last weekend in september, we are meeting nick's west coast siblings - melissa and fam from seattle and CJ from portland - in southern oregon for a race. i am opting out of the running! haha... but i'll be on the sidelines cheering them on and hanging out with my nieces.

we are so excited to spend our anniversary month surrounded by friends in texas and family on the west coast! time really does fly by.

top photo of lemons and lavendar in our back yard!