Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Full House

We recently had a very full house! Nick's dad (Mike), brother (CJ), sister (Melissa) and her husband (Todd) and kiddos (Olivia and Emma) all came to visit!

We had a lot of fun...

Playing in the backyard

Picnic and wine tasting at Testarossa!

And, playing in the sand at Testarossa, too!

Exploring San Francisco...

Checking out the piers...

Fisherman's Wharf...

Chocolate at Ghirardelli!


Chowin' down on some chowdah.

A visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium...

Looking for sharks...

Spotting sea lions...

Bocce ball in the backyard

And, my favorite night: 
alfresco family dinner
It was a quintessential gorgeous California evening!

The girls were the highlight of the trip... they are so smart and sweet and adorable. They have gotten so big so fast! (It seems like just yesterday Olivia was the flower girl in our wedding and not that long ago that we were in Seattle for Emma's baptism!) I LOVED playing with them in the backyard... looking for lady bugs, watching how fast they ran and finding treasures (rocks, sticks, flowers... you know).

I still chuckle out loud thinking about when Todd told the girls (jokingly, of course) that he was going to spray them with the hose if they didn't settle down. He walked over to the hose and turned the knob and before we even heard the water spraying on the ground Emma (the younger one) had sprinted all the way across the yard like lightning. She moved so fast we couldn't even believe it! She did not want to get sprayed and she did not hesitate one second to see if Dad was bluffing! I seriously couldn't run that fast if I tried. Lordy, I am in tears just thinking about her little legs carrying her that fast. What a smart and savvy little munchkin!

I am lucky to be a part of this amazing family and so happy that they all came to visit!

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