Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Week in South Texas.

When I told my California friends and coworkers that I was going back home to Texas for a week, most of them pictured something like this...

Cows in the street and cowboy boots and barbeque and open pastures in the middle of nowhere...

Which is definitely true in some parts of the state.

(And, that's one reason why its the greatest state ever!)

But, when I was in Texas for vacation with Nicholas this April, this is actually where we spent our time...
Ahhhh.... yes, believe it or not, Texas has a coastline!!

We spent a week on South Padre Island with my parents at their condo. I grew up spending summers on the beach and (if my blog archives are correct) we hadn't visited since July 2011.
(My hometown, La Feria, is about half an hour inland.) 
I hadn't seen my family in over 6 months, so it was so great to spend some good ol' quality time with my parents and my older brother, Allen.

^^Just landed in Texas at DFW airport and immediately found some Mexican food!

^^View of the bay from the balcony

We even got to spend some time with the doggies...
^^Misty, my brother's dog who lives with my parents.

^^And, Pepper. 
The sweetest fishing dog there is. 
She just LOVES to come on the boat with us!

^^ Pepper... "Nope, I'm not on the couch, this is just a blanket"

^^Enjoying a little glass of wine on the balcony.

 Most of our time was spent out on the water, fishing for trout. Catching is way more fun that fishing ... and we had a lot of FUN! I was on fire the last day and caught 6 keepers! My dad is the best captain and fishing guide there is, so he makes it easy for me! He gets the lure set up, tells me where to cast, take my fish off the hook and even fillets all the fish for us! Not sure I'd like fishing so much any other way!

 ^^Please ignore my crazy hair... a little saltwater and a lot of wind aren't working in my favor here!!

^^Trout in the ice chest!

We sure ate our share of fresh seafood. Trout Veracruzana, fried gulf shrimp, Trout Almondine... all scrump-diddly-umptious!. Some of the restaurants down there let you bring in your own fish and they cook it up however you'd like. So, after a tiring day of fishing, you can let someone else do the work while you relax with a glass of wine (or tequila)!

^^Fried Shrimp!

^^ Our trout cooked up at a restaurant.

We spent some time on the beach, too! Clayton's is a new (since I've lived in South Texas) beach bar with a huge deck and yummy beach cocktails!

We ended up staying an extra night because strong winds delayed our flight and we wouldn't have made our connection in DFW. Our last night, we went back to La Feria and ate good Mexican food before flying back to CA the next morning.

We froze some of the trout and brought it back to San Jose with us. We've been cooking it up a little at a time.... yummy!

Biggest FAIL of the trip... no group pictures. Dangit!! 

Love you, Mom and Dad... thanks for having (and spoiling!) us!

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