Monday, May 20, 2013

My Heart is Aching Today

image via weheartit

Nicholas lost a good friend of his yesterday in a tragic accident. And, I can't stop thinking about those affected by the tornados in Oklahoma.

In this time of grief, there is only one thing to do... Pray.
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that your loving presence may be felt in the community in Oklahoma that has experienced this tragedy that claimed so many lives. It's hard for me to imagine the magnitude of so many lives lost so suddenly. I also pray for one life that was tragically cut too short in San Francisco this weekend. May your love pour forth through the prayers, presence and service of your caring people to begin the healing process. Heal those who have suffered injury and comfort those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. Bind together the community in grace and faith. Send in your helping angels. In the name of Christ, I pray. Amen.

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