Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Date Night Surprise

"Don't make any plans for Friday night... I have a surprise."

That's all I told Nicholas.

Oh and of course, I (vaguely) told him what to wear.... "Jeans, T-shirt, comfy shoes, and a sweater."

Nicholas is such a giving husband. He travels a lot and when he comes home, we usually end up doing whatever I want to do because he likes to make me happy. (I know, how did I get so lucky?) Well, it was my turn to do something special for him.

He had absolutely no clue what we were doing for our date night until we pulled up to the CalTrain station to take a train up to the city and I gave him a Giants t-shirt to wear! He thought we were just going to dinner, but instead we took the bullet train up to SF for a baseball game!

^One of the most beautiful stadiums I've been to. 
Loved looking out over the bay as the sun set.

^Just boarded CalTrain, sporting his new shirt!

^Sneaky wife :)

^It was my first Giants game and I had so much fun. I had a lot of questions about the game and keeping score, but this game was probably the most "in" to baseball I've ever been. I watched the whole game and the Giants won!

^When we arrived we picked up these delicious crab sandwiches from Crazy Crab'z... yummy!

^And, without knowing, I got us the perfect seats. We were blocked from the wind (which is REALLY, REALLY important at this stadium or you'll freeze once the sun goes down!) and we had a great view. 

We both had so much fun and I love that I was able to spoil my husband... he deserves it!

(And, yes, now I'm a Giants fan!!)

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