Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dominican Republic Vacation: Part 1.

Sometimes when you travel, you want to explore and see lots of things in a short amount of time and go, go, go.... (like us in the UK!)

And, sometimes, you just want to completely veg.
This trip was the latter.

Our toughest decisions of the day...
Which bathing suit should I wear today?
Should we start at the pool or the beach?
Pina Colada or Rum Punch?

It was perfectly relaxing.

We were also there for Nick's older brother's wedding! (more on that later) So, it was wonderful to have the whole family there, too.

The trip even started off better than I could have imagined... 
We were upgraded to first class there (and back)!
It was my first time in first class and let me tell you... I never want to go back to coach again.

At least there are some perks to Nick's high-travel job.

We made it to the resort after a 45 min white-knuckled ride through the island, at night, with a crazy driver!

 First morning on the beach and couldn't be happier!

My little slice of paradise.

Fresh coconut!

Todd (Nick's Bro-in-law), Aaron (Nick's oldest brother and the groom), Nick, and CJ (Nick's older brother) 
The grounds of the resort were just gorgeous as well... so pretty that we didn't leave the resort once the whole week we were there!

After our days in the sun, we'd meet the whole family for cocktails, then dinner, then we'd eventually make it to the discotech for some dancing!!


In the morning, we'd lay in the hammock on our patio until room service was delivered!

This picture was taken before coffee, hence the sleepy eyes!

We had it rough, didn't we? ;)

One of my favorite spots:

We spent one afternoon boogie boarding! It was so fun. 
It reminded me of summers on South Padre Island when I was younger.
(And, I do have to say that I caught the most waves and rode the farthest!)

My other favorite spot:
As long as I have a good book, I could lay there for hours...

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Nicole Marie said...

so amazing!! and love your bathing suits!