Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dominican Republic Vacation: Part 2

We have Nick's brother, Aaron and his new wife, Annie to thank for our amazing vacation to Punta Cana, because they were the real reason we were there.... we were there for their wedding!

What a gorgeous backdrop!

The rehearsal dinner was on Thursday... right on the beach!

 We were all serenaded by a saxophone for the rehearsal evening!

Nick's siblings, Mom, and new sister-in-law!


CJ played the mandolin at the wedding.
Brought back awesome memories of him playing at our wedding almost 3 years ago!

The ceremony was performed in Spanish (the native language) and then translated to English (for us 'Mericans)

 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Mead!

Then, the celebration begins!
This trio played one of my favorite songs from the trip... Ai Se Eu Tu Pego by Michel Telo.



After the cocktail hour, we moved to a new spot for the reception dinner!

 Wedding Reception.

We had a delicious seafood dinner and a tequila toast to the bride and groom!
Nicholas gave a very nice speech at the dinner as well that had everyone laughing and tearing up - the best kind of speech!

As the cake was cut, it started to rain... and it didn't stop!
 Imagine the bride and groom splashing around in the rain for their wedding dance. 
So romantic!

Well, the rest of us wanted in on the fun, so we all just started dancing in the rain.

A little rain wouldn't stop us!

 Dancing in the rain was the favorite part of the trip by far! 

The Meads just don't dance, they DANCE. Such a fun wedding.

Congrats to Aaron and Annie!

Some pics taken by friends and family.

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