Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Half Moon Bay Bike Ride.

Half Moon Bay is one of my favorite coastal towns. Not only do they have an amazing pumpkin festival in the fall, they also have a wonderful bike trail that runs parallel to the coast with some of the most beautiful views there are. HMB is an easy 45 min drive from us here in San Jose, so one Saturday last month, Nicholas and I decided to head up there for the day. We loaded up his bike and rented one for me when we got up there. We rode our bikes along the coast - trying not to get too close to the cliffs' edge! - all the way to the Ritz Carlton (this trail was partially unpaved) in one direction and Pillar Point Harbor in the other. Our loop ended up being about 12 miles! But, thankfully, it was relatively flat and easy! I also loved that 90% of the bike path is car-free.

^The edge of the grass is the edge of the cliff! 

There's just something about these views that are so romantic! We also found a little bench to snuggle up on and watch the fog roll in.

After our ride, we had a much needed warm dinner at Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. It was delicious! If you decide to go to HMB, don't forget your fleece... it's breezy and "brisk" even in June!

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Justine Jergovic said...

So much fun!! Y'all are adorable :)