Monday, July 8, 2013

Still a Junior Leaguer

I haven't posted about Junior League in a while... mainly because I rarely take pictures at those events and nobody wants to read a blog post without pictures, right?!

But, finally I have some pictures!

My committee for last year, Done In A Day, finished up the year with an event at the Children's Discovery Museum here in San Jose. We helped them prepare their Curious George exhibit, which is now open for the summer. (If you're in San Jose and have kids... definitely go! The museum is so fun!)

It was a lot of cleaning, which I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own house, but it was fun to chit-chat with the girls.

Also, Kristin and I met for lunch one day to work on a couple of scrapbook pages for the JLSJ president's scrapbook. We were getting all kinds of looks at the restaurant because I swear it looked like we were just meeting for our "Scrapbook Club" - so funny!

For this upcoming league year, I am on the Hospitality Committee for Trivia Challenge and get to help plan this awesome event!

Remember when I attended Trivia Challenge the year before last as a Flapper?!
[Trivia Challenge 2011]

Well this year, I am on a 2 person committee in charge of all the food, drinks, decorations and rentals. Fun right?! Since it is one of the first events of the year, we are already in full planning mode.

The big event is
Saturday, November 2nd at the Heritage Theater in Campbell, CA. If anyone is interested in signing up for a team, donating with in-kind or cash donations, or buying donation drawing tickets... let me know and I can get you the details.

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