Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Have you ever been to a Fermentation Bar?

Have you ever been to a Fermentation Bar?

I have!

"What the heck is it?!" you may ask.

Nicholas and I found this awesome bar/market/restaurant in downtown Healdsburg on a whim, called SHED, which is a first of it's kind to sell "unusual offerings by tap" including kombucha, hard ciders, kefirs, and vinegar drinks. We felt so cool just being there. Definitely a must try if you are in the area.

(Lots of information on kombucha and other fermented drinks over on Wellness Mama's site!)

Fresh produce market

Home goods

 Fermentation Bar!

Mixing up a Strawberry Rose Vinegar

Enjoying my Kombucha!


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Weekend Cowgirl said...

Well, now I know what fermentation bar is!! Looks fun...4 TechvnoE