Monday, September 9, 2013

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Showering someone with gifts is always a fun way to express how much you love them and think about them all day, every day! For our anniversaries, we've (so far) followed the traditional anniversary gift guide... with a bit of personal interpretation!
traditional + modern anniversary gifts!
Paper/1st Anniversary: I commissioned a watercolor of our wedding portrait for Nicholas. He gave me a gold necklace and a very sweet (like it made me sob) handwritten card/letter.

Cotton/2nd Anniversary: Our main gift to each other was a 10 day trip to the UK, so in preparation for that, we gave each other new clothes for the trip. (And, I'm pretty sure some of those clothes were cotton!)

Leather/3rd Anniversary: This year, I bought Nicholas his very first pair of cowboy boots! I mean, he is married to a Texan after all. Good news is, he LOVES them and wears them all the time!! I received some items off of my wish list... that weren't very anniversary-ish, but I wanted them! Leather sandals, a maxi skirt, and a Keurig! Oh, and a trip to Carmel!

I hope to stick with these traditional gifts, but the main "gift" I'd like us to give each other is new memories. Travelling somewhere new (or loved)... just the two of us!
Here's to many more anniversaries with my love.

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