Friday, July 26, 2013

Exploring Palo Alto.

After 3 year living in the Bay Area, Nicholas and I finally decided it was time to explore up the Peninsula! (Better late than never, right!) We decided to start with a Saturday in Palo Alto. It is so fun playing tourist in our own area. There is still so much for us to see!

We started the day at Stanford University... we walked around campus and went to the top of Hoover Tower. It was a gorgeous day and we could see all the way to the bay from the top of the tower. Stanford is such a pretty campus. I told Nicholas that I would have been accepted to Stanford if I would have applied, to which he responded by laughing hysterically. OK, maybe I would have been wait-listed, but I wouldn't have traded going to TCU for anything.

Hoover Tower (above) and views from the top (below)

Next, we ventured to downtown Palo Alto for lunch. One thing I'll really miss about this area when we move (eventually... no plans to move yet!) is that each town has charming downtown areas with their own personality and independent shops with stores like Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma sprinkled in.

After lunch, we visited the Cantor Art Museum on Stanford's campus. I am not sure how we didn't hear about this sooner, but it's an excellent art museum and admission is free! We learned all about the history of the Stanford family and the university here too which was fascinating. We spent a couple hours perusing the art and we enjoyed a coffee at the museum cafe. We couldn't believe that this was only 25 minutes away from home and we hadn't been here yet!

This piece looked completely different up close than it did from a few feet away. 
So detailed...

We made a quick stop for some frozen yogurt at Fraiche before we finished off our day with a movie at the Stanford Theater downtown. The theater first opened in 1925 and still plays classic movies from the 40s and 50s.

This is the movie we saw!

From the website, "The Stanford Theatre Foundation is dedicated to bringing back the authentic movie-going experience of Hollywood's Golden Age. Classic Hollywood directors never intended you to watch their pictures on a video screen in your living room (or while jogging). The magic of the movie depends on a larger-than-life image and the shared reactions of a larger audience."

When we stepped inside the theater, it felt like we stepped back in time (including the ticket and popcorn prices... unbelievable after spending $30+ for a movie date night these days!). The movie was cute and at the end, the red velvet curtain closed and an organ player rose from the theater's orchestra and played music in between shows. Such a fun and different movie experience!

As you can see, we had the most wonderful time exploring Palo Alto! We're lucky to have such amazing gems so close to home and need to remember to take advantage of what the area has to offer more often.


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Love Palo Alto!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You've made Palo Alto look like so much fun! Maybe I'll take a trip over now!