Thursday, October 10, 2013

Farewell Candlestick

(This post is super old but I never published it. Trying to get caught up!)

I finally went to my first 49ers game! I am so happy I was able to catch a game at Candlestick park before the 49ers move down to the new stadium in Santa Clara next season.

Our friends Krista and Jake flew all the way to California from Texas to watch the 49ers play the Houston Texans... and we were all cheering for the 49ers! :)

Nick has been a 49ers fan since he was little, so it was so fun to get to see a game with him.

Before the game, we stopped in downtown Mountain View for lunch at Tied House brewery.

 Then, we made our way to the stadium and "tailgated" for a bit.

Almost there...

The 49ers had a pick 6 in our endzone within the first 3 minutes!
Everyone was going wild!

I love this guy...

The sunset was beautiful!
I didn't know where to look... up at the sky or down at the game!

Trying to squeeze us all in a pic! I think it's cute!

Oh, and the 49ers won! 
I'm glad Krista and Jake gave us a good reason to go to the game.
Such a fun day!

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