Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Krista and Jake came to visit!

(This post is super old but I never published it. Trying to get caught up!)

Our good friends Krista and Jake came to visit from Texas last weekend! We had a fantastic time and just love when we have visitors.

We started the trip off with dinner in Campbell at Blue Line Pizza... I love the Greek pizza there. The next day, we went for a hike at Castle Rock! Nick and I have been there before and we love to break from the hike every so often and watch rock climbers do their thing! (I've never been rock climbing on real rocks... but, I have been rock climbing in the middle of the ocean!)

These three little monkey climbed way up on these rocks, and I was very happy to stay at the bottom and take pictures!

Because when I try climbing up rocks, this is what happens...

Believe it or not, I did finally make it to this cool alcove! 

Views from the top... 

We took several group pics, but they were all on Krista's camera! Bummer.

While they were here, I also went to my first 49ers game/first NFL game/first & last game at Candlestick park... check out the details here!

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