Monday, October 28, 2013

Date Night in Palo Alto

After our fun afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch, we ventured downtown for dinner, dessert and a movie. Except we didn't do it in that order! We had dessert first, then saw a movie, then had dinner. I know, I know... we are so wild and spontaneous!

First stop: CREAM for an ice cream sandwich!

After thoughtful deliberation, we decided on Banana Fudge Walnut ice cream shmooshed (yes, that's the technical term) between two warm and gooey Chocolate Chip cookies. We sat upstairs on the balcony and watched the line get longer and longer... thankfully, we arrived at the perfect time and didn't have much of a wait. (We drove by again after dinner and the line was a block long!)

Next stop: Movie date and $1.50 popcorn at the Stanford Theater. We saw The Lady from Shanghai (1947)... love movie nights here. 

Last stop on date night: Nola for some Alligator Boudin and a Shrimp Po'Boy... no pictures, but it was delicious and they had an awesome open air courtyard that felt just like New Orleans!

I love weekends with my hubs!

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Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I could go for one of those ice cream sandwiches right about now...