Sunday, December 22, 2013

When in Texas...

Nick and I spent a night in Houston before we left on our Christmas cruise (more on that soon!). Normally, when I'm in Texas, I crave two things... Mexican food and Whataburger. But, neither of those are good for the bikini bod right before a cruise (and neither were in walking distance to our hotel) so we opted for a little Texas BBQ.

Nothing like a good ol' Texas size serving of brisket and salad and potato salad! Just for the record, we split ONE MEAL. It was a lot of food and, by golly, it was delicious! I was even nostalgic about the size of the ice water! You just don't see cups that size out in Cali. We ate at the same restaurant again (different location) when we were leaving Houston after our cruise.
(I didn't get my Whataburger fix on this trip. Must plan another trip to Texas ASAP to remedy this!)

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