Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Jetsetter.

The morning after our amazing day in Napa, my husband was whisked off (at 4am!) for a whirlwind business trip!

He went from SFO to JFK to London to Budapest, back to London, then to Cork, Ireland, then Dusseldorf, Germany and Venlo, Netherlands, then back to London and then home! 

Wheew! Doesn't that just sound tiring? Oh, and this was all in about 9 days. He travels a lot for work, but this was the first international work trip and lordy, I missed him.

I asked him to take lots of pictures and this is what we ended up with... Bless his heart.

Granted, his primary purpose of traveling was work, not taking pictures!

Funny story... when he was in the London airport, I asked him to bring me a souvenier from Miu Miu. He has no idea what that is (or, how much it costs!), and he was all set to go and get me a "souvenier" from there. I couldn't let him go through with it though... as soon as he saw the prices he would have said You've got to be $*#$%*$@ kidding me! So, I said just kidding... maybe one day.

But my darling husband still brought me a little treat... this fun Cath Kidston purse:

I wouldn't mind him going on these long international trips so much as long as next time I get to come, too!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to have fun in Napa.

1) Don't drive... hire a limo!

2) Only bring entertaining people with you.

3) Drink good wine.

4) Yeah, lots of wine.

5) Visit Oakville Grocery.

6) Eat a yummy picnic in the sunshine.

7) Admire the beautiful scenery surrounding you!

8) Drink sparking wine.

9) Repeat number 8.

10) Eat dinner at Bottega!


Wineries we visited: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Unconventional Valentine's Day with Swedish House Mafia

When I think of Valentine's Day, I normally think of a quiet, romantic dinner at an over-priced restaurant... sappy cards... roses... and maybe even some jewelry.

This year, however, Nicholas and I did things a little differently.  We celebrated our love (and youth!) in San Francisco with German food and a wild EDM dance party with 8,000 other Swedish House Mafia fans.

It. was. AH-MAA-ZING.

Dave and Justine snagged the tickets for us months ago, and flew in from Dallas for the occasion. I pulled together what I thought was a wild outfit...

... although this was pretty tame compared to most other people at the show!

Wiener schnitzel and beer at Suppenkuche was the perfect pre-show fuel. We needed a fun restaurant that could keep up with our rowdy crowd, and this place definitely delivered!

Aren't these boots of beer fun?! 
(And, no! I did not drink that whole thing! We basically shared 2 boots amongst 6 people!)

After dinner we stopped my a random bar and took some silly pictures. The regulars there must have thought we just ridiculous!
Me and Justine... aka "Tiner"

My love and me.

the boys... Dave, Lane, Carson, and Nicholas!

#onelasttour at the bill graham civic auditorium in SF

Inside the venue,  loving life and ready for the show to start.

Look at ALLLLLL the people!!

Swedish House Mafia played 4 nights in a row and sold out each one!

The lights were a show in itself. 

Confetti from the ceiling!

Oh, and don't forget about the pyrotechnics!

The show was over relatively early... so we walked to a (sketchy!) pizza shop for a couple of slices before heading back to our hotel! (We had to get up early the next morning to drive up to Napa.)

And, that, my friends, was our lovely Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 15, 2013

A Wicked Date Night

One of the perks of going to a really small high school in south Texas was that when I auditioned for a role in a musical, I got the part! I can't carry a tune (AT ALL!), but there wasn't a lot of competition, lucky for me!

Since then, I have LOVED musicals and plays. 
And, I really appreciate the talent it takes to perform!

For Christmas, my darling husband gave me tickets to see Wicked at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco on February 8th!

Except, on Christmas Day, Nicholas didn't hand me an envelope that contained Wicked tickets. 

Nope, the envelope he gave me contained CLUES! 

I had to hunt for my tickets.

Here I am on Christmas Day, with my cup of tea and a lot of snow outside, contemplating a riddle which would lead me to the next clue and another riddle. 

Finally, at the end I got my tickets!

Before the show, we grabbed some cocktails and a bite to eat at Absinthe on Hayes St in SF.

It was an early dinner since we had to make it to the theater on time. 
And, because our reservation was so early, we were the youngest people in the restaurant by about 40 years! Regardless, the waiter was attentive and the short ribs were delicious.

We enjoyed fancy drinks and I even had a dash of Absinthe in my Wonderlust cocktail!

Cheers to a fun date night in the city with the hubs.

You wouldn't have guessed it with the sun shining in the window in the picture above, but during our dessert, it began raining cats and dogs outside! 

Yes, we had a 10 minute walk to the theater.

No, we did not have an umbrella!

My chivalrous husband hailing a cab in the pouring rain, while I wait, protected from the rain, under an awning!

We finally made it to the theater, soaking wet, but happy as clams.

And finally, SHOWTIME!

The show was spectacular. When Elphaba sang Defying Gravity, I had chills.
I highly recommend seeing it if it comes to your city!